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Huddle Spaces
Gone are the days when large boardrooms and meeting rooms were used by a small workforce of employees. The process of managing and who gets the conference room for their meeting was always uphill task to deal with especially if you had a small team.
In order to solve this more of Huddle spaces have been integrated in a traditional office space instead of large boardrooms. These rooms or spaces are small causal places where a small group of people can work and collaborate their daily meetings,this not only caters to the needs its even quite cost effective as well.
AVID provides Huddle Rooms Video collaboration solutionsto its client. AVID can increase the productivity of your huddle spaces. Through implementation state of the art technology we can fully prepare your meeting areas and provide your workforce with space that will not only inspire but also enhance and boost the collaboration between colleagues.
Our aim is to completely optimize the huddle space in your company with integrated technology that would be required for your employee to conduct productive and highly successful audio, video and web conferences without any kind of distraction or technical problems.
Right from system design and installation of equipment through the maintenance and end user training AVID would support the complete cycle.Right from system design and installation of equipment through the maintenance and end user training AVID would support the complete cycle.

Conference Room
Conference rooms has evolved over the last decade or two and over the years with the evolution of technology progressing every day these rooms have turned into imperative centers where key decisions have been made. Now day’s conference rooms are equipped with the most advanced AV systems that helps in the work flow and the cycle of decision making. At AVID we understand how essential it is for the business to communicate and this is the key reason why our expert team will spend time in designing and implementing the latest AV system to ensure your board room /conference room is equipment is as professional as your organization.
Our AV team would provide conference solutions like
• Effortless use of technology.
• Scheduling and conducting meetings on the dot
• Integration of High end Audio & Video equipment.

Meeting rooms
AVID prides its self-more than just being a distributor of leading AV technologies. The ability to pride our self in identifying aclient’soperational needsand implementing the best solutions right from the initial concept of designing and implementation is what AVID understand and delivers without the compromising on the quality of the services.
AVID understands the importance of audio video conferencing is vital to the efficient running of any meetings and therefore available space where meetings are incepted require reliable and user friendly hardware.
As an industry specialist in integrating audio video conferencing technology and display screens meeting rooms supported by easy to use control systems that manage all your AV solutions, by doing so we augment the competence of your business. Technology like room booking systems also add further ease and productivity through enabling these meeting places to be managed more adequately by allowing your team to access the meeting rooms when required.
Since AVID is a certified partner across India for all major conferencing vendors, supplier and installer of audio visual equipment for this reason we can offer our clients an variety of meeting room systems and the very best products in the market developed by prominent bands such as Crestron,Cisco,Lifesize,Extron,Barco,Avaya etc.

Training Rooms
One of the main purpose of an organization training is to provide and enhance its existing workforce skills which helps in better productivity. In essence, the trained employees can help an organization to achieve and deliver high quality services in shorter duration of time.
AVID has assisted legions of companies to in boosting the productivity of employees by ensuring that our clients training rooms are fully equipped and ready for the designated purpose. AVID replaces the age old AV equipment’s like projectors and the traditional flipcharts with the latest piece of technology in audio visual technology innovations. AVID offers its clients everything that an organization needs to full engage with your team of trainees with the help of a fully equipped state of the art integrated training room.

Executive Board Rooms
Contemporary executive board rooms often feature small conference areas set aside for private meetings and key decision sessions. Plans and presentations are discussed and most of the times executives don’t wish to fumble while connecting their laptops or controls or search for the remote to power up the displays or adjust the volume. AVID to ensure your meetings and the equipment’s function smoothly, we offer offer our clients the leading technology like wireless presentation devices, HD display screens along with audio equipment and room booking systems to enhance your company’s brand and facilitate productive meetings.
AVID has been leader in implementing cutting edge audio visual and video conferencing technology systems. Our consultative approach outlines all the details from every stage of the process right from system design to installation of equipment and onsite maintenance and end user training.
AVID realizes that every board room and meeting spaces have their own individual requirements, we can bring your ideas to life and provide an arena that truly inspires you.

Experience Center
Gone are the days where people used to communicate with an organization through a voice medium, now its evolved into a multi-channel interaction.
AVID has extensive expertise in designing, implementing and supporting contact centers as well. The experienced team at AVID ensures that contact center architectures are simplified and yet effective and very reliable. With the understanding of key touch points and business process, AVID has the expertise to ensure business continuity with the highest level of service achieved.
AVID has value proposition includes the following:
Located in key locations all across India to ensure immediate availability of components
Team of highly skilled and certified technicians
Multichannel customer support with a proven ticketing systems
Design, Implement and support for companies of all sizes and industries
Ability to customization for integrating applications and business process.
Network Operations Centre
A NOC sits at the heart of the operation and normally NOC are high pressure environments that demand real time, critical information that is managed, disseminated and presented to staff who can adapt to swift changing scenarios.
AVID has designed a series of integrated solutions for operational centers which include cutting edge display systems from large format displays, integrated touchscreen digital displays to huge video walls that present real time, multiple video and data feeds.
Dynamic digital signage systems with multiple input devices including PC,CCTV, DVD, ensure need to know content can be presented in a format that empowers staff and promotes greater efficiency in their productivity as well as effortless communications between departments and sites.
AVID suite of NOC applicants are designed to support organization that rely on state of the art world class AV networks, enterprise wide area networking and IP video networking and management.