Training services

On Request
AVID’s commitment to its clients does not just end with the installation of the AV system installation, training is always a key factor to getting the most out of a system. Most of the AV product come with a gentle learning curve and some of the systems can be operated with minimal technical assistance. Initially with a bit of support from us the client can access the advanced features on their system immediately.
AVID works with client to organize when and how the technology is introduced to its employees, and will provide support until the system is performing to expectation. The training is imparted by certified professionals and classes are hosted at the client facility. The clients have their employees attend the training session prior to the system installation to ensure a clarity the function as soon it is available.
Most of the control systems can be configured to clients’ needs and the users will have varying levels of access, training and will have to custom fit to every person. Support is a vital word and it start with hands on dedicated instruction.