Technology Upgrades

Audit Inventory:
Since a client’s company has hundreds of moving partsand its hard to keep track of it AVID steps in and assist to provide better inventory management.
If you want to accurately and easily track inventory project progress, AVID will keep everything in order so the company would have all the information you need at your fingertips. When accountability and efficiency matters AVID delivers.
Onsite Inspections
AVID deploys its team of certified technicians and project managers from time to time to ensure that the quality of products is maintained and in good condition at the time when they are delivered or already existing at the client’s organization. These onsite inspection is done to ensure the equipment delivered are complying with the specification as required. Inspection and testing measure determine the quality of the product. During the inspection process, AVID technicians inspects all the equipment and incase if any of the equipment does not fall into the zone of acceptability then it gets rejected and corrective measures are taken to rectify it.
License upgrades:
AVID provides outstanding maintenance of its software products that includes technical support and regular new releases of the license upgrades as well. AVID on request would provide the license upgrades to its client to ensure all the equipment’s function well and there is a seamless flow of AV systems.
Software Refresh:
With a lot of audiovisual technology moving to cloud and software based applications, hardware has taken more of a behind the scenes role. Cloud video and web conferencing use has been growing rapidly and conference rooms are designed to keep the hardware boxes, accessories and peripherals are out of sight and out of mind. AVID believes in the ever changing evolution of software that is integrated in the AV systems, AVID has helped its clients to make a successful transition from box or device for every need to converged ,computer run appliances by this the client’s equipment is minimized and software updates replaces the costly upgrades.