AV Systems Integration

AVID recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary, with over a decade of experience in AV systems integration and its recognition of awards in the national &International arena, only proves its mettle as a world class player in providing world class AV system integration. Our ground breaking technology continues to change the way we work and implement and communicate our experience in the projects we handle.

AVID is an end to end provider, we deliver at every single step we believe more than just meeting the client expectation is just not satisfactory, but exceeding it is something we have always have been committed in doing so.
Right from analysis to creating, implementing and executing the plan in the given stipulated time is something we have always been involved with.

AVID deciphers your life by taking care of any kind of AV issues, so that as a client you can focus and deliver on most important aspects of your company.

The quality of our products and services integrated and the highly competitive pricing this makes us the ideal quintessential choice for AV installation across the globe.

Our clients always looking for impeccable services and unrivalled prices and when they demand it, AVID steps in and makes it simple and affordable for companies to manage and intelligent interactive displays from touch screens and video walls, digital signage, desktops which would emulate exceptional performance, flexibility and lowest cost on the market.

AVID has been providing impeccable customer service and its our mission of being committed to deliver excellence on par.

AVID has been providing integrated AV solutions to wide range of Industries like Software, Manufacturing, Education, Banking, Infrastructure, IT / ITES, Hospitality, Government, Corporates and Entertainment. 

Our Services include: 

Project Co-ordination

Design & Engineering

Project Management & Installation Services
Service & Support Team

AV Maintenance
AVID is equipped to manage, support and maintain all the customer installations after project management.

Maintenance Agreements:
Over the last 10 years AVID has developed a comprehensive range of maintenance services

Supply of Products:
AVID offers full support programs from time and materials to onsite support services. We have always maintained a great rapport or trust and clarity with our manufacturer’s to ensure it’s a win-win situation for the client, us and our vendors in terms of supporting the client with all resources.

On Site Management Support (O&M)

For optimal administration and management of your AV systems, AVID provides the labor force on site. With this close to customer approach, AVID provides you with a dedicated Project manager and its team of technicians to administer your AV systems and to ensure that your IT team and its concerned employees are aware and trained to handle the AV installation at your facility. Deployment of engineer helps in seamless transition with knowledge transfer from the Project team to AVID support and client IT team.
Since AVID site mangers have been through a completed comprehensive, rigorous training program and everything is documented, you can count on effective and a professional working relationship.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Once your Audio & Video Systems are installed, AVID would go ahead and maintain the equipment’s regardless of any issue that could arise during warranty. With in defect liability period we provide repair/replacement with proper fault finding. AVID also provide a Non Warranty Support as per customer need.
Once the warranty period expires AVID offers you an annual maintenance contract to support the equipment’s. Every maintenance contract provides our customers the ability to reach out to our technical team and rest assured you can rely on our proficient technical team to troubleshoot any kind of problem that you may face with your AV systems.
To ensure we reach out to all our clients, AVID technicians are stationed in key cities and regions all across the country to support the maintenance contract that we uphold. AVID has tailor made options to choose between comprehensive and preventive maintenance contracts.