To be a World class provider in Audio Visual Systems and Services.
Mission: We strive to enhance the quality of life for society through innovative audio visual systems and services. We strive to satisfy the need and expectations of our company by providing value added quality audio visual systems and services .We strive to provide a secured, rewarding and happy work environment for our staffs. We strive to apply our products and services to enhance communication, information and knowledge.
Quality Policy
AVID business is conducted in compliance with applicable quality regulations, standards and codes. At AVID we promote accountability, training programs for its employees and well defined set SOP’s along with best practices in the industry. Our performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.
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AVID is committed to protecting any kind of personal information that an individual may provide to us,we believe it is important for you to know how we treat information about you that we may receive from this Web site.

Information Collected
In general, you can visit this Web site without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. Our web servers collect the domain names, not the e-mail addresses, of visitors. Our web servers also seek (as many Web sites do) to place a "cookie" (a small data file) on your computer's hard drive which allows the server to determine the computer when it visits again, in order to track statistical information about navigation to and throughout certain areas of our site, This cookie is not used to obtain your name or any personal data, and the information that is tracked is used only for internal purposes, such as to improve site navigation and to measure the effectiveness of our promotional placements, and is not shared with anyone other than AVID affiliates and contractors who assist AVID in these efforts and are bound to confidentiality. However, if you prefer not to accept cookies, you can set your browser to reject them or to alert you before one is placed.
Use of Collected Information
The information that we collect is not used to personally identify you and instead is used to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed, etc. We use this information to measure the use of our site and to improve the content of our site.
The personal information you provide we may share it with other companies we have hired to provide services for us. These companies,our vendors are contractually bound to use personal information we share with them only to perform the services we have hired them to provide. We do not share, sell, or lease personal information about you to any third-parties for their marketing use. We will release information about you if you direct us to do so, if we are required by law to do so, or in other legally limited circumstances (for example, to protect your account from fraud).
Links to Other Sites
While we try to link only to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy,we are not responsible for the content, security, or privacy practices employed by other sites.
Security of Collected Information
We maintain strict physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards to protect your personal information from unauthorized or inappropriate access. We restrict access to information about you to those AVID workers who need to know the information to respond to your inquiry or request. Workers who misuse personal information are subject to disciplinary action.
Access to Collected Information
You may review and update the information that you provide to us through this Web site by contacting us as described below.
Contacting Us
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please use the Contact Us page. We welcome your questions and suggestions about our privacy policy.
Changes to this Policy
Please check this privacy policy periodically to inform yourself of any changes. AVID reserves the right to modify or supplement this privacy policy at any given time.
Email Disclaimer
This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager. This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.
Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
Statement by Chief Executive Officer “Ethics are important to AVID and each of its associates. AVID is committed to the highest ethical standards and to conducting its business with the highest level of integrity. Personally, I believe this commitment is at the core of the values that make AVID great. “
This code of Business Conduct & Ethics is applicable to all AVID employees.
A code of ethics in a business is important because it clearly lays out the rules for behaviour and provides the groundwork for a pre-emptive warning. Regardless of size, businesses count on their management staff to set a standard of ethical conduct for other employees to follow.
Each employee of AVID is responsible for the consequences of his or her actions. Each of us are the guardians of AVID ethics.
The leaders in AVID has a liability of leading by example by up keeping their personal standard and a positive ethical attitude that reflects our values. This in return would help all our associates, clients, prospects, vendor and competitors be treated with respect and dignity. Our responsibilities as AVID employees would include
  • To read and understand and comply with the code
  • Follow all AVID policies and all applicable laws.
  • When uncertainty clouds your judgement always seek guidance from a fellow colleague, manager or management at AVID.
  • Completeall required training and certification of compliance with the code
  • Expeditiously report violations or any kind of suspected violations of the code to your Manager. Retaliation for reporting an incident will not be tolerated.
AVID and each of its associates, irrespective of their location must conduct business services with uncompromising honesty and integrity.
Business ethics are no different from personal ethics only the domain changes and the same standards applies to both. As an AVID employee we are committed to adhere to the highest standard of ethics and integrity regardless of the situation.
Employees are expected to be honest and ethical when dealing with each other or with external vendors and third parties.
AVID is an equal opportunity employer irrespective of race,color,creed,national origin religion,age,sex,marital status, or non-job related physical or mental ability, veteran status ,sexual orientation or gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law and this is only proven when its employees implement this ethical rule with its fellow employees in AVID.
Any kind of misconduct between employees will not be overlooked irrespective of the designation of the employee. In this regard one is expected to report to the management whenever a illegal and dishonest act is discovered or suspected. The ‘’whistle blower’’ will never be penalized for reporting the discoveries or suspicions.
As a global player in the Audio Video Industry, AVID is fully committed to maintain the highest standard of ethics and integrity in its activities. AVID adhere to with all the necessary anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and adopts the best practices in opposing any kind of immoral behavior.
AVID holds a zero tolerance towards any unethical behavior of any form.Irrespecitve of the geographical location we always uphold the values of transparency and integrity in our transactions with our clients and business partners.
Failing to comply with the standard and the anti-bribery law in AVID would result in corrective action, including possible dismissal as well. Conflicts of Interest:
Each of us has the responsibility to resolve conflicts of interest, or apparent conflicts of interest, to protect our Company and shareholders. Such conflicts may arise in the course of activity in which personal interests could compromise, or appear to compromise, our ability to make objective decisions and act in the best interest of our Company and shareholders. Notification and disclosure is crucial for resolution.
Every employee has the responsibility to resolve the conflicts of interest or apparent conflicts of interest to protect our company. Employees must avoid any personal activity, investment or association which could appear to interfere with good judgment concerning AVID's best interests. Exploiting one position or relationship with AVID for personal gain must be avoided at all cost.
Scenario -1Potential Conflicts.
The below list is a sample of transactions, relationships and situations that might cause an actual or apparent conflict of interest
  1. Sarah, an IT professional ,starts a company that provides IT consulting services to AVID clients while she is still employed by AVID.
  2. John, a staffing specialist, works part time in the evenings and on her weekend she works for a competitor of AVID.
  3. Ian heads the IT team and fails to disclose that his sister-in-law is a job candidate for a position for which Ian is the recruiting manager for his team.
For each of these situations mentioned above always disclose the conflict or potential conflict with your manager and always follow his or her direction of the matter.
Other examples would include.
  • If you cause AVID to engage in business transaction with your friends or relatives
  • Having more than a modest financial interest in AVID clients, competitors or vendors.
  • Receive a loan or monetary fund or guarantee of obligations from AVID or a third party as a result of your position at AVID.
  • Compete or prepare to compete with AVID while still employed by AVID.

Gifts, Bribes and Sponsorships
AVID recognizes that entertaining gifts, entertainment and hosting sponsorships or travel benefits can be a legitimate part of doing business. It is our responsibility to follow the Policy on Gifts, Entertainment and Sponsorships below as these activities may be deemed corrupted in certain circumstances. Our company policy outlines general rules that our employees should follow when offering or providing gifts, entertainment or sponsorships and at no given time should you put AVID or yourself in a position that would be embarrassing if any kind of gift was made public.
Dealing with government employees is no different with private employees. Many government bodies stringently prohibits the recepit of any gratuities by their employees, including meals and entertainment.We must always conduct our business with high standards to maintain our reputation for fair and honest dealings.We must never pay bribes or otherwise try to improperly influence any government officals even if any kind of payment is requested it may be termed as a bribe. This can be still illegal under the company’s policy even if it takes place through a third party agent or organizaton.
Scenario -2
Which of the following are considered permissible expenses?
Choose the best response
  1. Taking a potential client for match of Golf and if the the primary purpose of the gathering is to discuss any kind of business opportunities and is not percieved as a bribe for the new business.
  2. Crystal paperweight that has the logo of AVID embedded in it & valued below the gift limit and given to an employee or associate of a client as a token of apprecation following the renewal of a major contract.
Answer: All of the above. Each of these expenses are allowed.
Safeguarding Information & Assets
All AVID employees have a responsibility to safeguard AVID assets just like they would secure their own.AVID assets are more then just property,money and equipment . This may include ideas,fincancial data,technologies,clientel information ,business plans,and employee information as well.
Any kind of theft, misappropriation or unauthorized use of any of these assets is a serious matter and will be treated as such.
Use of Company Assets
The employees of AVID must act in a manner that preserves our Company’s physical property,equipments and supplies. The perosnal use of these assests is permitted only with prior approval and under no circumstances should they be used for personal gain and business purposes unrelated to our company.
Rentention,Accuracy &Destruction of Business Records & Documents
Any kind of business information including business and financial records must be reported in a timely manner with accuracy. It is not permissible for anyone to establish or replicate undisclosed funds or assets without the prior knowledge of the management of AVID.
Confidential Business Information
Confidential business information is the key to any success of a business this information may include pricing, cost, data, client lists,financial data, trade secrets and other information and development that not been released publicly. Any information pertaining to the company must be solely used for the benefit of our company and never for an employee personal gain. This is the responsibility that we abide with even after our employment terms have ended with AVID.
Use of Electronic Media/Social Media
As users of electronic and social media, we are responsible for ensuring that communication on company’s systems do not harm or offend anyone. Any kind of reckless post, download or any kind of defamatory or obscene materials of any kind should not be shared or communicated with fellow employees or with any external clients or people.
Online social media / networks are a big part our success connecting us with candidates, clients, associates and colleagues. We should always ensure that no awkwardness be created on social media and our online behaviour should mirror our behaviour in any company setting.
Obtaining Competitive Information
AVID practices in competing openly and fairly. We can gather information about our competitors through appropriate and ethical channels. Some of the information may include marketing materials, public journal and magazine articles and other published and spoken information.
AVID does not try to obtain information through any unethical ways such as industrial espionage, wiretapping or by bribery. AVID refuses to use or even accept any kind of documents related to the competitors that are obtained in an improper channel.
Sales of AVID Services:
AVID has developed a code of conduct for ethical selling to its clients. AVID believes that each associate in the company has a necessary obligation to ensure that the client are provided with high value products and services and not products and services that have no beneficial value to the client.
Lies, deceit and misleading statements about AVID products and services are not welcomed at all. Spreading rumors about our competitors, their products or their financial condition is strictly prohibited.
Use of AVID and Third party software AVID and third party software may be distributed and disclosed only to associates that are authorized to use it. All third party software must be properly licensed.
Developing Software Associates involved in the design, development, testing, modification or maintenance of AVID software must not tarnish or undermine the legitimacy and "cleanliness" of AVID's products by copying or using unauthorized third party software or confidential information. You may not possess, use or discuss proprietary computer code, output, documentation or trade secrets of a non-AVID party, unless authorized by such party. Intentional duplication or emulation of the "look and feel" of others' software is not permissible.
AVID discourages any kind of replication of any third party software or confidential information. No AVID employee is allowed to possess any kind of documentation or trade secrets of a non –avid party also the duplication or emulation of the look and feel of others software is strictly prohibited.
AVID has implemented and issued clear and detailed anti –corruption policies and compliance procedures that is applicable to all employees of AVID.
AVID Anti-Corruption and Anti-bribery policy and compliance guidance applies to the company operations globally as well.
Equal Opportunity Employer:
AVID believes that diversity and mutual respect for all AVID employees is the key factor in the organization that contributes in organization’s growth.
AVID is an equal opportunity employer and has always maintained this right from the company’s inception. We will continue our commitment to and support of equal employment opportunity for all individuals regardless to race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.
AVID opposes all forms of harassment and has a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of physical or verbal conduct directed to a person’s race, religion,gender,color,age,sexual orientation, disability or ethnic origin may constitute to harassment and this is prohibited.
AVID will ensure that all its employees are free of discrimination in regards to hiring, recruitment advertising, transfer, layoff, termination, compensation and benefits.
Unlawful Harassment is prohibited and AVID has Zero tolerance policy towards any kind of
  • Visual conduct such as derogatory or sexually explicit images, videos, cartoons, drawing or gestures of any kind.
  • Sexual favors in return for employment.
  • Verbal statements, vulgar gestures or comments like derogatory jokes, slurs or unwanted sexual advances, sexually explicit content.
  • Abusing and retaliating for having reported a harassment.
AVID employees are encouraged at any given time to report a harassment or discrimination or any kind of inappropriate behavior. All such reports will be investigated promptly and as confidentially as possible with immediate and the right course of action will be taken.
Employees at AVID who violate the above policy will be subject to strict disciplinary action up to the termination of employment at AVID.
This policy is subjected to be revised at any time with no prior notice.